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1919 Veigné Factory Photo

Our story

More than 100 years of history

Created in 1919 by its founder Marc Sourdillon, the company has experienced great revolutions throughout its existence. However, the spirit of innovation has remained its spearhead throughout these years. It is also this state of mind that has enabled the company to continually renew itself to respond to changes in the market and demand.


Key dates!

From 1919 to today…

  • 1919: Marc Sourdillon, engineer, creates his first factory in La Roche Posay to produce forged brass lubricators
  • 1936: Production of gas taps begins when Shell introduces the first liquefied butane canisters
  • 1939: The factory is mobilized and manufactures shell fuzes
  • 1945: He partitions the Esvres factory, on one side the stamping, on the other the manufacture of gas taps
  • 1949: He expands the company again by building a new factory in Veigné (current site) entirely dedicated to the manufacture of gas valves to meet ever-increasing market demand, while the Esvres factory is reserved for the die-stamping
  • 1956: He sells the Veigné factory to two Touraine industrialists and keeps the stamping factory
  • 1972: Sourdillon patents the aluminum faucet and markets it despite strong reluctance from all players and when its competitors remain in brass (most of them will then copy Sourdillon)
  • 1988: The company becomes one of the world leaders in burners and exports 75% of its production worldwide
  • 1993: Sourdillon opens a factory in Ringold USA
  • 1995: Sourdillon buys Acrotec in Mexico which becomes “Sourdillon Mexico”
  • 2002: Burner Systems International (BSI), an American group buys the Sourdillon group and changes its name
  • 2012: BSI is sold to the American investment fund Aterian
  • 2016: Sourdillon is acquired by the French industrial group “Selni Group”.

Sourdillon R&D office

We have a very efficient integrated R&D office allowing us to provide the best solutions to our customers. Some key examples:

  • Leader in the European plancha market with new developments.
  • Customer-oriented commercial and R&D approach for the development of innovative solutions according to customer needs
  • Customer support and assistance in their cooking/plancha project.

Quality Policy

Société Nouvelle Sourdillon SAS is committed to a Quality management and assurance approach

Our company is driven by a strong desire for continuous improvement over the long term and focused on optimizing processes and productivity. It is also focused on customer satisfaction with a close partnership to provide efficient service. And finally is based on:

  • Innovation, design, industrialization, manufacturing and marketing of new products.
  • The cooperation undertaken with its suppliers to achieve optimal efficiency for the benefit of everyone.
  • The commitment and skills of each of the company’s employees.